Reset user password on CollabNet Subversion server

I got a question from a friend who needed to reset a password for one of his subversion users. The server was using Apache layer authentication, in that case the users and password are in svn_auth_file and password change is done by htpasswd command.

htpasswd -m svn_auth_file


Here is how to reset a svn user password in that case:

  1. Locate your svn_auth_file, use Search on Windows, to do that on Linux use find command and type
    find / -name svn_auth_file

    you should get back something like this:  /home/svn/svn/csvn/data/conf/svn_auth_file

  2. locate your htpasswd file, path on Linux will be like this /home/svn/svn/csvn/bin/htpasswd
    find / -name htpasswd
  3. Go to directory where htpasswd is located and run
    htpasswd -m svn_auth_file

    command to change password (use ./htpasswd on linux when you are in same directory as htpasswd file, for example:

    cd /home/svn/svn/csvn/bin/
    ./htpasswd -m /home/svn/svn/csvn/data/conf/svn_auth_file joe

    You will be asked to enter new password

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